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What is Rogue Signal Studio?

M. Maisto, Podcaster, V/O, Scripted Audio Experiences, A/V Producer for hire.

About Us

Rogue Signal Studio Inc. is an emergent, creator-driven, story-forward art, podcasting, and creative direction collective with a spirit of resistance, invention and inclusion.* We work for ourselves, the community, and companies with vision. 


Who are "We"?

We are vox. Staffed by one-time radio pirates, top & left-of-fringe designers, advertising-creatives, professors, artists, activists, poets, psychics and publishers, we are people with creative work to ready for market and messages ready for broadcast. Listen, join in, hire us. 


We are the question, "Why not?"

We intend to happily overwrite ecologies of mind. To:

  • strengthen community by disturbing present forms of entertainment, media & art (let's introduce gaming to literature to gaming--why not?)

  • build a smooth space, between radio, broadcast, creative exploration. For some to speak. For others to be discovered. 

  • ?! TK...TK is important. Rogue Signal seeks to elevate the value of emergence. 

Tunin in...

Tunin in...

*Our first shows drop in winter 2019. Here’s a video trailer for our first production (with Wild Stories), "Miracles in Manhattan," wherein two spiritual delinquents show how to wake up in the city that never sleeps.)