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"Years of Blinding Tarps..." is the first published garland of artifacts belonging to one of the personae of Traces of a Fifth Column. 

These images, poems, fragments, lists, corrupted fonts invite the reader with or without knowledge of that book to explore the world of a character and his relation to it through things presumably left behind. Only the vision and editorial trust of Broc Rossel and the other greats behind TheElephants would likely be so supportive of the early stages of this project's expansion into other media. My ongoing gratitude is theirs. Tick the link to see more. 

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Polaroid at The New Pioneer Co-op

I have pushed
      solid staccatos
from my mouth
                out the window
down     onto
                  pixelated Midwestern sidewalks
dressed up in birds
             challenged by arcade chemicals
that demanded
            more self-possession
                            than I came here
look really close
He’s holding a postcard,
              reads: Towel warmed on oven door to not-freeze.

I homecome more complicated.
This will take time.*

*Originally published in Traces of a Fifth Column, Inlandia Books, 2017.

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autoportrait as death poet

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