I want to do what you want to do

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I straight-up treasure this  "circumstantial" collaboration I did with the writer & MDiv. Caroline Devane, a friend who defines the term. Through some synchronicity,

I fell into talking with Kristin Prevallet, ed of DB's TrancePoetics folio around the time that Caroline and I were both leaving indeterminate poetry messages on each other's voice-mails and I had developed a strange and sometimes resurfacing habit/pathology of drawing and writing in my sleep. With Kristin's encouragement, we made this poem. And the recording, below...

...which I was lucky enough to discover on an external hard drive, as the version coded into the long-running journal has fallen into some bottomless pit of HTML, an anxiety I think about whenever publishing to the web which, say what you will, needs less tenders than sometimes do print artifacts.

Poetry as an Ethics of Friendship